Oltregiogo Piano Competition

Associazione Musica&Cultura Pentagramma, in collaboration with the Associazione Oltregiogo and Comune di Gavi, organizes the 3rd edition of the Oltregiogo Piano Competition.


-1- The competition will take place between 6th and 10th November 2024 at the Civic Theater of Gavi (AL).

2- The competition is open to musicians of all backgrounds and nationalities and aims to promote musical culture by encouraging young people to study music.

Sections- Categories- Repertoire

3- The competition is divided into three sections and ten categories. All tests will be public.

Section I – Piano

Cat. A Born in 2016 and subsequent years Free program max. 5 min.
Cat. B Born between 2016 and 2015 Free program max. 8 min.
Cat. C Born between 2010 and 2012 Free program max 15 min.
Cat. D Born between il 2007 and 2009 Free program max 20 min.
Cat. E Born between 2004 and 2006 Free program 25 min

Sezione II

Oltregiogo award  Born between 2008 and 1989 Free program 30/35 min

Sezione III Piano 4 hands

Cat. F Born between 2012 e subsequent years Free program max. 8 min.
Cat. G Born between 2009 e 2011 Free program max. 10 min.
Cat. H Born between 2006 e 2008 Free program max 15 min.
Cat. I Born from 2005, without age limit Free program max 25 min.

-4- Competitors can register for more than one section, but not for more categories of the same section. It is allowed to enroll in a higher category, if one’s preparation is considered adequate, but not in a lower category.
-5- There is no obligation to perform the music from memory.
-6- All the pieces must be performed in their original form and must be published; no concessions are allowed.
-7- At the beginning of their performance, the competitors must deliver to the jury 1 copy of the pieces on the program. Competitors will be listened to in order consequent to the letter drawn.


-8- Prizes will be awarded in the following ways

Score 98 to 100 Absolute first prize- plaque and diploma
Score da 95 and above First prize – diploma
Score between 90 and 94 Second prize – diploma
Score between 85 and 89 Third prize – diploma
Score less than 85 Participation diploma

Absolute first prizes and scholarships

Section I
Cat. A € 100 Voucher to be used at TuttoMusica Taulino in Alessandria
Cat. B € 200 Voucher to be used at TuttoMusica Taulino in Alessandria
Cat. C € 250 Scholarship
Cat. D € 400 Scholarship
Cat. E € 500 Scholarship

Section II

Oltregiogo Award € 1000 Scholarship

Section III

Cat. F € 100 to the Duo – Scholarship
Cat. G € 150 to the Duo – Scholarship
Cat. H € 300 to the Duo – Scholarship
Cat. I € 500 to the Duo – Scholarship

Premio Speciale “Novecento” € 100
to the best performance of a composition written after 1900, offered by Rotary Club Gavi Libarna

The scholarships are offered by: Associazione Musica&Cultura Pentagramma, Rotary Club Gavi Libarna, ACOSI’ S.r.l., Lions Club Mornese, Oltregiogo e Alto Monferrato Orientale.

Special Prize “Fryderyk Chopin” € 100

to the best Chopin performance, offered by the Comunità Polacca di Torino – Ognisko Polskie w Turynie

Audience Prize

Proceeds from the offers during the award concert to the most voted by the public during the awards evening among the absolute winners of all categories

Prize concerts:

At the discretion of the jury, up to 3 prize concerts can be assigned to the winners of Cat. E, Cat. I and Oltregiogo Award, offered by:

* Associazione Musica&Cultura Pentagramma
* Associazione Novi Musica e Cultura
* Associazione Musicale Clara Wieck Schumann


-9-The awarding of the first, second and third prizes will take place at the end of each category. The absolute prizes will be awarded during the winners’ concert to be held on Sunday 10th November at 20:30 at the Civic Theater of Gavi (AL). Failure to participate will result in the loss of the prize.


-10- The appointment of the jury and secretaries is the responsibility of Associazione Musica&Cultura Pentagramma. The jury is made up of renowned professors, concert performers and musicians
-11- The jury expresses the vote in hundredths, its judgment is final and unappealable; the jury reserves the right to request the candidates to perform all or part of the program presented or to call a further test.
-12- It is the faculty of the jury not to assign the Absolute First Prize, if it does not consider the appropriate level. The Absolute First Prize is indivisible.
-13- In the event that the members of the jury have relations of kinship or affinity, or in the case of didactic relations in the period prior to the competition with one of the competitors, they must refrain from the discussion and from expressing a vote on the examination of the competitor itself.

How to participate and terms

-14- The application for registration must be made no later than 16th October 2023 in the appropriate section “Online application” on the website www.amcpentagramma.com along with the following attachments:

  • Photocopy of an identity document
  • Receipt of payment of the registration fee
  • High definition photo of the competitor
Registration fees:

Section I Piano Solo
Cat. A € 30
Cat. B € 35
Cat. C € 40
Cat. D € 50
Cat. E € 60

Section II
Oltregiogo Award € 70

Sezione III Piano 4 hands
Cat. F € 70 the Duo
Cat. G € 85 the Duo
Cat. H € 100 the Duo
Cat. I € 120 the Duo

Terms of payment
Payment must be made by bank transfer to the following coordinates:

In the name of: Associazione Musica e Cultura Pentagramma
Bank: BPER Ag. di Gavi (AL)
IBAN: IT10Y0538748311000047406074
Reason: Oltregiogo Piano Competition, Surname Name, Section, Category 

General rules

-15- The calendar of tests will be made available online in good time and sent by email to the competitors. Candidates are therefore invited to inquire by telephone and by consulting the website www.amcpentagramma.comCompetitors are given the opportunity to try the competition piano at the established times.

-16- The candidate, pursuant to art.97 of the law on copyright, authorizes (by registering for the Competition) the Associazione Musica&Cultura Pentagramma to record and disseminate on YouTube channels, Facebook and Instagram pages, websites, even partial performances during the Competition, as well as to publish photos on any multimedia platform or brochures or specialized magazines. Candidates will not be able to make any financial requests or any rights towards the Associazione Musica&Cultura Pentagramma.

-17- Personal information, sent upon registration, will be treated in accordance with art. 13 of the EU Regulation n.2016/679, laying down provisions for the protection ofpersons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data. The organization of Oltregiogo Piano Competition excludes any other use of the aforementioned information.

-18- Travel and accommodation expenses for participation in the competition are borne by the candidates. The organization does not assume responsibility for any risks or damages of any kind to people or things during the event. The registration fee will be refunded only in the event that the competition cannot take place due to the decision of the artistic direction or for reasons related to the pandemic. Registration implies the unconditional acceptance of this regulation. In the event of any dispute, the italian text of these regulations shall prevail.


Cell 334 9465142 Artistic Director
Cell 347 1099307 Secreteriat
Mail oltregiogopianocompetition@gmail.com